running windows boot partition in ubuntu

Noah noah-list at
Mon Feb 1 06:21:38 UTC 2010


what I want to do is run the XP partition that I have already installed. 
  Like run the applications and Have access to the file system.  I 
suppose that is virtualbox.  But the virtualbox solution proposed 
requires me to create a new partition and reinstall all the software again.

Is there a way to run the already installed XP inside virtualbox?  Is 
there a way to do that?  Or do I need to create a completely new guest?



steve reilly wrote:
> Noah wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I have a dual boot machine XP and ubuntu.  I want to run my XP partition 
>>   while booted in ubuntu.  what is a good program to easily handle the 
>> task please?
>> Chers,
>> Noah
> if you mean "run" your xp partition the same time as ubuntu, it cant be 
> done.  per se.  you can use virtualbox and install xp while using ubuntu 
> though, is that what you mean?
> or if you want to access the xp partition from ubuntu, you should 
> already be able to do that while in ubuntu.  click "places" and you 
> should see your xp partition as "x"size filesystem" or something to that 
> effect.
> steve

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