Installing WIcd Using Ubuntu CD After NM Quit

Leonard lenc5570 at
Mon Feb 1 02:27:21 UTC 2010

NoOp wrote:
> On 01/31/2010 05:34 PM, Leonard wrote:
>> Just installed karmic on an old Dell Dimensions XPS T450.  Everything OK
>> until I upgraded and installed kubuntu-desktop.  Called for a reboot and
>> after rebooting completed NM wifi connection quit working. Tried to
>> reconfigure NM again but no luck. Attempted to install wicd but that
>> didn't work without a network. Ticked to use the cd/dvd to install in
>> software sources and reloaded but only get failure to connect on the
>> Ubuntu main mirror. Tried installing wicd from the Karmic CD recovery
>> mode using a root shell on the installed partition and even on the CD
>> environment or whatever it's called but no luck.  Aptitude command not
>> recognized maybe should have used dpkg or gdebi but didn't think of it
>> at the time. The crick in my neck says I've been fighting to get wicd
>> installed for about 3 hours.  Would someone please tell me how to
>> install a package using the Karmic alt CD of from a booted up Karmic
>> using the alt CD with SS ticked to use the CD. Maybe need both for the
>> benefit of new users and old ones like me who still has a lot to
>> learn-:o) Many thanks,
> Use Sneakernet:
> Download:
> and copy to a floppy (:-) /CD and install on the Dell.
Thanks for the option. Don't have any cds at the moment but I do
have your link to refer to.  I did get back NM via cd after correctly
unticking SS.  Need to pay a visit to BestBuy tomorrow-:o)
lenc5570 at

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