Installing WIcd Using Ubuntu CD After NM Quit

Leonard lenc5570 at
Mon Feb 1 02:23:50 UTC 2010

steve reilly wrote:
> Leonard wrote:
>   The crick in my neck says I've been fighting to get wicd
>> installed for about 3 hours. 
> i definately know that feeling.....  not fun..
>   Would someone please tell me how to
>> install a package using the Karmic alt CD of from a booted up Karmic
>> using the alt CD with SS ticked to use the CD. Maybe need both for the
>> benefit of new users and old ones like me who still has a lot to
>> learn-:o) Many thanks,
> this is an educated guess.... ive never had to install from the cdrom 
> other than the first appears you may still have the 
> sources ticked for "download from the internet" above the cdrom option. 
>   if thats true, try unchecking those sources and anything that has to 
> do with the net first before trying to use the cdrom source.  post back 
> with your findings.
I did untick them but will check again to see it they are still
unchecked. I also unticked the third party mirrors in SS. Ahh, but I
didn't untick the update section tab. After doing it the reload software
did finish without error.  Then aptitude update did read the cdrom.
Still couldn't install wicd.  It wasn't found but was able to
install network-manager and network-manager-gnome again. I haven't had
time to get it connected yet but will try some more.  Thanks for getting
me to check again.

lenc5570 at

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