Problem with Adobe flash

Steven Susbauer steven at
Tue Aug 31 16:14:02 UTC 2010

Linda wrote:
> No actually you can install Google chrome with the synaptic package
> manager. I have it on several machines, That way you get automatic
> updates. I actually installed it because Firefox was doing the same
> thing with flash files as google chrome is doing for you.
> Flash works fine for me, maybe if you do a reinstall of google chrome
> and the plugins it will solve the problem.
>            Linda

Chrome is not in the Ubuntu repositories.

The only relevant package in Ubuntu is chromium-browser. See for yourself:

Within the Chrome package postinst file, you find this tidbit:

# sources.list setting for google-chrome updates.
REPOCONFIG="deb stable main"

And then they install the signing key:

# Install the repository signing key (see also:

Later on they actually add it all into the sources.list.

So... sure, you'll see Chrome in Synaptic if you've installed software 
from Google, because Google adds their repository. There's also a good 
chance you'll find Picasa, which is also not in the Ubuntu repositories.

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