How Configuring Grub2 for Live CD

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>Hi List

>This is my First mail on this List and I dont know wither I should ask this question on this list or not, if not then Please Redirect me.

>I am making a live CD of my Currently Running Ubuntu (10.04) using this Guide


>but the Grub Portion is for Grub 1, Any help how would I convert them to Grub 2, Below are my Changes that I made but they Didn't worked

>Any kind of Help would be appreciated

>Thanx in Advance

>Waqar Afridi

Hi waqar, I can't access the link you provide because I don't have internet access at work, but the easiest way to make a live CD (including grub) is to use remastersys which is downloadable from the Ubuntu repos.


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