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Chadley Wilson wrote:
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>> Chadley Wilson wrote:
>>> So how can I run Office 2010 in my Ubuntu?
>>> Wine or some better emulator?
>>> I need .Net framework in order for it to install ;(
>> I have no idea if it would run with wine, but I think it should work in a virtual
>> machine like virtualbox, which is in the Ubuntu repositories.
>> You would still need Windows though.
>>> PS:
>>> I know all the open source fanatics are going to jump in on this one,
>>> and even if I say my reasons are none of your business, you guys will
>>> still want to fight. So the reason why I want Office 2010, is because
>>> open office advanced formulas are not compatible with MS office, and
>>> visa versa... Open Office lacks modern means of navigation and
>>> interface, and I hate getting a pop up window every time I delete a
>>> value in a cell. Basically for me, Open office still looks like Office
>>> 97. It totally blows. As new as the underlying code may be, the
>>> interface sucks. So even though the MS OS sucks and lacks decent
>>> desktop effects, their office package is awesome.

>> Well, if you want to rant about OOo, this is the wrong place because the OOo
>> developers are probably not found on this list.
>> Nils
> [>] Thanks Nils,
> No rant... Just want to take on a new challenge... and see if it can be done...
> I will give virtualbox a go...

	That should work fine. I've got WIn7 32bit running in VirtualBox PUEL 
(from Oracle, not the repos) on Ubuntu 10.4 64bit. Once you get Win 
setup the way you like, set the Windows taskbar to auto-hide, and have 
VB switch to seamless mode. Then it will look like you're using Excel 
2010 in Ubuntu...

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