How to bootup to a command prompt.....EASY!

Hakan Koseoglu hakan at
Mon Aug 30 19:20:37 UTC 2010


On 30 August 2010 20:07, Fred A. Miller <fmiller at> wrote:
> If you want to bootup to a command prompt, remove the following lines
> from your /etc/init/gdm.conf file, and reboot. To get your GUI, run
> can use your Ubuntu boot CD to go to rescue and restore the file.

I'm not sure what's the point of this. To get to a konsole, hit
CTRL-ALT-F1. To restart the running X11 sessions, simply invoke "sudo
/etc/init.d/gdm restart". If everything is stuck and you want a reboot
in a reasonable harmless, follow the alt-sysreq+REISUB method.

Hakan (m1fcj) -

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