8.04 to 10.04 dist upgrade

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Sun Aug 29 10:10:10 UTC 2010

On 08/29/2010 03:29 PM, Vic Main wrote:
> I tried the upgrade and now the dual boot machine is just a single boot.
What is the other boot? Windows?
What is booted up? Lucid?

Have you checked, if booted to Lucid, if grub is now grub2?
(grub-install -v ==> gives 1.98)

If yes to all (most likely), have you done
sudo grub-install /dev/sda     ?

If still at grub-legacy, (but recommend you upgrade to grub2, install 
sudo grub-mkdevicemap
sudo update-grub

Regards - Goh Lip

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