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Sun Aug 29 00:30:07 UTC 2010

On 08/28/2010 04:34 PM, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> 2010/8/29 NoOp <change your client to *not* include the email addres>:
>> I would suggest using the technique in:
>> [Creating an iso image from a music CD or DVD]
> Why on earth would you suggest such a thing?
> A: What I wanted to do:
> Pick a FLAC file (24-bit)
> ”Burn” it to an image file
> Done
> B: Your suggestion:
> Pick a FLAC file (24-bit)
> Burn it to a CD
> Create a image from the CD
> Done

Wrong... why don't you actually *read* the info in the link?
Creating an iso image from a music CD or DVD

   1. Insert the CD or DVD
   2. Wait for Sound Juicer to pop-up with the songs on the disc
   3. Close Sound Juicer

      Click "Places" > "Computer" (the menu at the top of your screen)
   5. Right-click the icon of the CD
   6. Select "Copy Disc..."
   7. Alongside "Copy disc to:", change the drop-down to read "File image"
   8. Click "Write"
   9. Choose where you want to save the file
  10. Click OK

It's a method to write an iso *from* the cd to *disk*.

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