terry l xtlynne at
Fri Aug 27 17:43:02 UTC 2010

space ghost. kiss my ass. Youare the biggest disruption to the list 
there is. I didn't sign up to join the jonnieleerollins censorship board 
where our motto is " send us a word and we will tell you if you can use 
it."  should i tell all about how sad i was when my mother died when i 
was 12 or having to put 2 dogs down and not getting any better at it. 
leave the personal life at home. no one cares.  you are the biggest 
hypocrite when it comes to the CofC. nit picking it but contuing to 
violate it at will. talk about violation. you are more noise than needs 
be. follow the code of conduct, shut up about ............. pick a name?
Terry linn

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