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Fri Aug 27 00:03:46 UTC 2010

On Thursday, August 26, 2010 02:00:15 pm stan wrote:

>> Just to let people know that this is working. I am able to load music on my
>> iPhone using rthymbox. I am able to download photos from it usig the
>> default Ubuntu tool for that, which I cannot remeber the name of at the
>> moment, and I am able to run iTunes, whcih is needed to backup, resore, and
>> do software updates on it using iTunes 9.02 installed in an XP image in
>> VirtualBox (the non OSE version).

> I wish I knew how you got there.  I plug in my iphone  and all that happens is 
> that it shows up in dmesg; otherwise, nada.  I can sort of mount it with ifuse, 
< but can't really do anything with it. It doesn't show up in Amarok.

Amarok has issues with iPhone but works with the older iPod devices.

The basics are above:

Use Rythmbox to upload music to the iPhone
Install/Use WindowsXP running in VirtualBox to do the management tasks as well
as transferring videos to your iPhone. Install iTunes on your virtual WindowsXP. 
Do not use the latest version from Apple as it crashes WindowsXP running on
VirtualBox. Use version 9.0.2 which you can download from 


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