Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at
Thu Aug 26 16:43:07 UTC 2010

2010/8/26 Chris Jones <jonesc at>:
> Nils Kassube wrote:
>> Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
>>> I installed Gnomebaker recently, because Brasero seems to have a bug
>>> not letting me burn 24-bit FLAC files to (or is it ”as”? – sorry for
>>> bad English) an Audio CD without converting to 16-bit first. I filed
>>> a bug report about it so maybe the Brasero team will fix it within a
>>> couple of decades or so.
>> It is not a bug because audio CDs are 16 bit only [1].
> Yes, but I thought the OP's point was he shouldn't have to do this by
> hand first. The application itself should take care of it. I believe k3b
> does, for instance.
> cheers Chris

Yes, that's exactly my point. When I installed Ubuntu for the very
first time in summer 2007 (Ubuntu 7.04) I was very impressed that the
default burning software (Gnomebaker) let me burn my 24-bit files
directly without having to convert them first. I don't burn Audio CD's
very often but a few days back I tried to and then I found this ”bug”
or lack of feature.

So I installed the old Gnomebaker and tried again, this time successfully.

Anyway, this issue was only mentioned as a background description to
the question I wanted to ask, so back to my question again, please:

Can I ”burn” to an image file with Gnomebaker, instead of burning
directly to a CD? If so, how? Because I failed to figure it out…

Best regards

Johnny Rosenberg

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