Help with Linux offline cached credentials on a Windows domain

Scott Ehrlich srehrlich at
Thu Aug 26 09:34:25 UTC 2010

I have modified the native config files both Ubuntu and CentOS systems
(laptops) to allow them to be added to a genuine Windows Active
Directory domain.

When on the network logins work fine.   Take the systems off the
network, and the user, even though their credentials are cached,
cannot log in.

There are several documented bugs on this for both Ubuntu and RedHat.

Some people have posted various fixes.  I tried one, the user was able
to log in offline, but then could no longer log back into the network.

Insights would be most appreciated.   I plan to set up a test system
to try various of fixes until I either a) find something that works;
b) determine the problem still needs fixing with no known good
solution yet found.



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