State of the 64bit?

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Thu Aug 26 01:11:05 UTC 2010

On 26 August 2010 01:25, Avi Schwartz
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> I am currently running 10.04 in with a 32bit kernel on my Dell Studio
> XPS 16 laptop but I am considering switching to 64bit mainly because my
> machine has 8GB RAM of which the 32bit version sees only 3GB.
> Few years ago I tried running 64bit but found the experience lacking to
> put it mildly for a desktop. There were issues with Java, Flash and
> other proprietary software.
> My question is whether the 64bit situation has improved? I know there is
> currently no 64bit version of flash for Linux (if there will ever be)
> but will the 32bit version run reasonably well in a 64bit environment?
> Good enough for YouTube, Hulu, etc? What about the ATI driver (the
> proprietary one)? Any other issues I need to take into consideration
> while making the decision?

I went 64-bit with 9.10. It was fine. A few glitches with Flash in
some sites and in Chrome, but it worked.

10.04 is better still and has removed those glitches. Flash and Java
work fine in Chrome, Seamonkey and Firefox, on YouTube, Break,
DailyMotion, etc. etc. Quicktime playback on works and

Just do it. You will barely notice any difference. The only problem
I've found was running Spotify on WINE, which works on 32-bit but not
on 64-bit. So I run it in a TinyXP VM under Virtualbox. Results are

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