Ubuntu or Red-Hat for servers?

Angus MacGyver macgyver at calibre-solutions.co.uk
Wed Aug 25 18:09:26 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-08-26 at 01:11 +0800, Christopher Chan wrote:
> > OpenSolaris on the hand... I'm not really sorry that it's dead as a
> > dodo and I hope it shall be extinct soon! Die! Die! Die! :)

Not at all.
It *is* great - even if it is supposedly dead.
I personally can't wait the the "spork" to release something.

> AFTER there is a replacement solution with the uber snapshotting 
> performance of ZFS and its NFSv4 acl support.
> For now, I shall raise and hold the OpenSolaris banner!

There is a replacement, at least enterprise level - it's called Solaris
10 (and whatever follows) 

That's what I work with day in/out.
Oracle DB's on top of it... Oh yeah...
Scalable - 60TB+ (yes T) databases over *MANY* CPU's over a cluster,
can't touch it.

Flying Zones/Containers - from one hardware machine to another using ZFS
- oh yes :-D
(ok - do need some downtime unlike VMWARE Vmotion, but still, possible
to do in a very short space of time if you plan it properly.)

Quite frankly, if someone is talking OS's at enterprise level, that need
that all important 3rd party vendor support, why would they use
OpenSolaris over Solaris ?
(Or Centos over RHEL)

As for RHEL/SLES/Ubuntu.

If the vendor of your application says "works best on...."
... then do it, if only for your own sanity down the line when something
crops up.

If it's say, a LAMP stack with in-house web-apps, or a Joomla, or
suchlike, you can be OS agnostic, unless you need later versions of
things, RHEL is notoriously slow on having the latest version of
something (as someone else said, like PHP)

As for Centos .... spit.
Wouldn't touch it with the dirty end of someone else's toilet brush.
Been burnt using it at home as a server and just can't recommend
(massively worse than the Fedora it replaced!!!)
A tub of unset jelly was more stable.

I switched to Ubuntu after the Centos box fell over again, it's easy,
and It Just Works(tm).
Yeah - some things are different, minor issues IMHO.
If I want customised stuff, I don't do Linux - I do BSD for personal


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