font colours available in OpenOffice

Adam Funk a24061 at
Wed Aug 25 10:23:07 UTC 2010

Some colleagues and I are trying to coordinate Impress presentations,
and we noticed that some of us have more colours than others.  My OO
has 101 font colours; one colleague has at least a dozen more,
including "Ubuntu Red", which we all like and want to use in our
presentations, as well as "Chart 1", "Chart 2", etc.

We're both using 1:3.2.0-7ubuntu4.1 on Lucid, and I
can't see any relevant differences in the related packages we have

I've figured out how to add this particular colour (Tools -> Options
-> Colours, use RGB = 202, 0, 22) manually, but it's bugging me that
my installation is missing things.

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