what disklabel to set on a hd I am reusing for a Linux only system

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Wed Aug 25 05:53:20 UTC 2010

Robert Swanson wrote:

> Thanks,
> 	The reason I was asking, was I wanted to get away from the msdos extended 
> partitions.  The last hard drive that bit the dust was because of some sort 
> of failure in the extended partition and I wasn't able to recover any of the 
> data.  I did have it backed up, but it caused a much larger problem than I 
> would have had by having the seperate partitions.

I really doubt that.  If you had a disk failure that scrambles your 
partition tables, all bets are off.  Partition tables don't just have 
"some kind of failure" on a whim.

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