what disklabel to set on a hd I am reusing for a Linux only system

Robert Swanson mapa-kettle at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 25 00:35:43 UTC 2010

	I am going to install linux on an older Athalon powered IBM Aptiva computer.  
I was thinking of installing Kubuntu 6.06 Dapper because I don't know if the 
newer versions would work on an older computer.  ( If it is possible to use a 
newer version, please advise me ).
	The problem is, that I have an older 80Gig drive that I couldn't access with 
Gparted.  I was forced to put the drive in an xp box and use partition magic 
just to access the drive.  Now I have it back in the Linux box and I can 
access the drive, but the program is now asking me what label I want to use.  
The two appropriate choices are msdos, or GPT, is it OK to use gpt?  Will 
Kubuntu 6.06 be able to read it?

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