Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS released

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Tue Aug 24 06:50:10 UTC 2010

On 24/08/2010 13:05, Johnneylee Rollins wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 7:25 PM, Res<res at ausics.net>  wrote:
>> oh fuck off karl
> res++?
> ~SpaceGhost
And that's *ALL* you have to say?!

And you whine and whinge and spit the dummy because of the word 'rape'?!

Sorry to say, but you are truly unbelievable.

You have just joined the foul-mouthed Res in my "Bottom of the Latrine" 


Gumperson's Law: The probability of anything happening is in
inverse proportion to its desirability.

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