This used to be a great list

norm1800 norm1800 at
Mon Aug 23 23:40:49 UTC 2010

Just my 2 cents:

I have used this list over the past year or so and found it to be very
helpful and informative.
However, I have just about had it with the incessant rants and
discussions/arguments about what is the correct format for responding to
a list item, for example. Or the recent rant about a certain member who
most everyone seems to enjoy picking on. Or this new thread about the

If the moderator of the group doesn't step in and put a stop to this,
I'm afraid most people will just depart the list and leave it to become
a venue for shooting the proverbial s..t!!!

I'm sure that is not what the list was intended for nor is it likely to
survive under these conditions. I am tired of sifting through crap to
get to the real items of interest.


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