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Mon Aug 23 22:48:15 UTC 2010

On Mon, 23 Aug 2010, Cybe R. Wizard wrote:

> "Bad."  That must mean there aren't such words.  While I may agree that
> recognized profanity (recognized, though, by whom?) has no place here, a

The only recognised word that I feel is wrong to use on any medium where 
you dont know people is the  "see"  word (you know what I mean), anything 
else if pretty much fair game since all bar that "see" word, is used in 
primetime TV on public access channels, and at anytime on cable TV.

But yes, it comes down to as you said, "by whom", the courts recently 
here threw out a case of a person arrested for swearing, using the "F" 
word repeatedly in public, and again at the arresting officer, times 
change, 10 years ago he would have been fined a few hundred bucks for 
that, now, its acceptable everyday language, attributed to hollywood
I dare say as well.

There will of course be those who are still offended, as the world is a 
large place, but just as we would be offended by some of their actions in 
their country, we all have to co-exist, afterall, no one can say one law 
is right, another is wrong, the laws and cultures are simply "different", 
and we must all accept that.

> This is an ongoing and interesting question.  Where does the line lie
> between freedom of speech and offending the odd singleton/group of

Many/most countries do not have the "right of free speech"

> read this list  should be capable of withstanding the word, "rape," in
> all its terrible connotations in view of the fact that it is /just a
> word/.

I agree, however, one must be mindful of others sensitivity to such a 
thing, it may be rather personal to them, and some things are best kept 
off this list, I know, thats a contradiction to what I ranted about above, 
but rape is rape in ANY langauge/culture and even though he did not 
advocate it, it is in very poor taste that he choose to use that example.


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