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On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 10:24 AM, Cybe R. Wizard
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>> There. Read, obey, don't suck. :(
>> ~SpaceGhost
> Hmm, nothing there about censoring any words deemed by some to be,
> "Bad."  That must mean there aren't such words.  While I may agree that
> recognized profanity (recognized, though, by whom?) has no place here, a
> real-life illustration of software's failure seems entirely appropriate.
> This is an ongoing and interesting question.  Where does the line lie
> between freedom of speech and offending the odd singleton/group of
> people?  I mean the word, "odd," not as a pejorative but to indicate
> scarcity.
> My own belief is that folks grown-up enough to operate a computer and
> read this list  should be capable of withstanding the word, "rape," in
> all its terrible connotations in view of the fact that it is /just a
> word/.
> I recognize that the CoC wishes consultation with others.  How do others
> feel about this issue?  Anyone have an (heh) opinion?
> It (CoC) requests that we be respectful and I believe I have, as has the
> OP in the message (Message-ID: <4C727571.5060808 at>) who
> was, IIANM, Basil.  Do you not see respect?  Do you see /dis/-respect?
> (BTW, on that note, does it count as 'respect' to peck away on Mr.
> Larson?  You do your own share of that (and, also BTW, that, "don't
> suck," quote of yours right up there at the top seems to me to be
> decidedly dis-respectful))
> The CoC tells us:  When we disagree, we consult others.
> Check.  See above.
> Another CoC quote:  When we are unsure we ask for help.
> Well, that seems to me to be hand-in-hand with that other one about
> consulting others.
> Once again, check.  See that same above.
> The CoC wants us to: Step down considerately
> If the general consensus of the list is that it favors censorship of
> such 'adult' and 'offensive' words as the sensible use of the word,
> "rape," in the context in which we have recently seen it, I will not
> only step down considerately, I will leave the vile and repressive
> list that this list will have thereby become. a rapid hurry.
> OTOH, if list consensus is in /favor/ of freedom of normal speech
> (let's deem that to be appropriate to a normal-adolescent-of-average-
> intelligence-and-culture type of normal just for a touchstone), then I'd
> suggest that you grow up, yourself, and quit being the annoying net cop
> that you have become. Believe me, those adolescents have /one and all/
> heard the word before and aren't shocked by it.
> While you are at it, admit that older people sometimes become surly,
> forgetful and curmudgeonly but that it in no way diminishes the respect
> they are due merely for the fact of living longer than you have, and
> therefore, show some of that respect to those of us who may be in their
> declining age.  They were likely much more interesting in their day.

Maybe you're just being inconsiderate of my feelings on it, that's
perfectly fine.
It offends me greatly to see that word being used as a tool to make a
point because
maybe as a person, I've been raped before and it's not something I've
comfortable with at all. Maybe it's about respecting
me and not using the word in that way. You can feel free to ignore it,
I'm not saying it's a "adult word". I'm saying that you're being a
jerk by not respecting me on it. It's clear you're an insensitive person,
good luck with yourself.

I'd personally be more aware of offending people on subjects of such a
serious nature, but clearly you aren't.

I do have to admit though, your post was mostly tl;dr.


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