ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 72, Issue 170

Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 02:22:18 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-08-22 at 19:27 -0500, Nora Wilcox wrote:
> Thanks for the great links and info.  I must still have version 8.04.
> I am not sure how to check.  I had assumed the weekly updates ensured
> I had the latest version.
> I have posted requests for help on my city's local Linux forum.  I
> would need help upgrading to 10.04.  So much of the terminology in the
> instructions from the other forum I don't understand.
> Amazon mentioned a VM Dialer.  I wonder if my 8.04 would work with
> that.  The process  upgrading to 10.04 without someone right here with
> me is too daunting.
> I am a newbie.  And very slow at catching on.  I'm a senior citizen
> and all this high tech language is not something I am comfortable
> with.

Nora, there's a bunch of us "seniors" on this list. Plus, we have some
youngin's that just have "senior moments". :) 

Just what are you doing with your system?? Anything like long
collections of emails?? Anything you can't lose?? If not, being a senior
newbie, it might be better to go with a fresh install from a DVD. FAR
less hassles. ondisk and cheapbytes sell them for 6-7 bucks shipped. Now
you would be spared creating a CD/DVD, contending with your network up
and down, etc. The DVD's have almost everything you could need, as
opposed to a CD, which installs a barebones system and relies on a
working network to grab everything else. 

Plus, you're in luck! The 10.4 lucid version has just been respun with
the latest updates! So, you'll be in the chips. If you don't feel
comfortable installing it yourself, just google and see if there is a
Linux User Group (LUG) in your city. For the price of a pizza, you'll
get installed. :) Ric

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