Vertical, title-based window switcher

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Sun Aug 22 06:30:43 UTC 2010

On 22/08/2010 15:48, Grant Heaslip wrote:
> I'm a recent transplant from OS X to Ubuntu, and while I've found the move
> much easier than expected (Ubuntu has matured a *lot* since the last time
> I gave it a go, which was maybe mid-2007), there's one thing that's been
> bugging me:
> On OS X I relied pretty heavily on a window switcher called Witch
> ( Basically, it behaves similarly to Alt-Tab
> in Ubuntu and Windows, but gives a vertical list of window titles (the
> screen-shot shows windows organised by application, but I have it set to
> organise them by last used exclusively). The Compiz application switcher
> only shows the title of the currently-selected window, and is based on
> thumbnails of the windows, which I find mostly useless since I'm often
> working with text-only content that isn't particularly identifiable. A
> list of titles would be much better.
> Anyone know of something similar to Witch that will play nicely with
> GNOME, Metacity, and Compiz? Thanks!

I don't use Compiz but someone mentioned only a day or so ago that you 
can find some additional settings in CompizConfig Settings Manager in, I 
think, Preferences. Have you looked there?


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