My New Modem Won't Install

Frans Ketelaars ketelaars at
Sat Aug 21 16:41:59 UTC 2010

On Sat, 21 Aug 2010 07:16:29 -0500, Nora Wilcox wrote:


I just purchased a Novatel USB760 Modem from Verizon. It says on the 
website that it is compatable with Linux. But I can't get it to install on
my Dell Mini9 Netbook with Ubuntu.

I installed the Mobile Broadband device just fine on my Windows laptop.  
I know the device is working.  It was "plug and play" in Vista, and a 
did everything.  But I want to use this USB Broadband devive on my Netbook
which has Ubuntu.

I contacted both Dell and Verizon.  Neither was of any help.

Can anyone here give me some help?

Thank you so much!


Googling for "Novatel USB 760 linux ubuntu 10.04" (without quotes) -> , so someone got it 
working :)

Useful information you can give:
  -Ubuntu version
  -what you tried to install it and what happened

Good luck!


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