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GaryT taig at
Sat Aug 21 05:51:57 UTC 2010

Basil Chupin wrote:
> On 21/08/2010 14:29, GaryT wrote:
>> Once upon a time I had installed the BBC news service onto Firefox, so
>> that it was available from an RSS button, somewhere up on the toolbar.
>> That was long ago.
>> Now I've found that Ubuntu is still checking in to the BBC service every
>> time I start the machine.  I want to stop it.
>> Can someone tell me where/how to find the cause.  Where and what would
>> be causing this to happen.  Firefox does not start when the computer
>> starts, so it must be something that was installed at the time.
>> Much appreciated
>> GaryT
> Strange....Anything in System>Preferences>Startup Applications?
> BC

Basil, I don't have that menu item.
However, this one, system -> preferences -> sessions
has a tab named -> startup programs

I've not noticed it before, have no idea what its purpose might be,
because it contains a substantial list of programs/services that I
certainly didn't choose and don't knowingly (or don't-definitely) use.

They are all ticked and the list includes things like Bluetooth Manager,
  Evolution Alarm Notifier, AT SPI Register and lots of others that seem
in some way to match the services and software that are automatically
installed in the home directory when Ubuntu is installed. That list
doesn't appear to contain anything that would be related to FireFox, or
to the Internet (but as a separate exercise I would be interested to
know why they are all ticked).

Does that appear to match what you were thinking about? My Ubuntu is 8.1


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