Installing Ubuntu from flash drive

Earl Melton earlemelton at
Thu Aug 19 18:27:41 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I am a newbie to Linux and Ubuntu and have been reading this list for a few 
weeks now. I wanted to install it on a friend's PC, but his CD drive apparently 
has problems as I've tried twice and it never fully boots to the live CD. I 
think I have read about creating an install from a USB drive, but had no need 
for it until now. If this is possible, can someone give me the step-by-step 
procedure for doing it? Does it take a [special] flash drive, or will any do? I 
assume I would need to tell the BIOS to look for a bootable thumb drive? My 
apologies if I am totally wrong on this.

Have a blessed day!
 <>< Earl 

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