Confused to Patch Diff File

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Aug 18 06:24:41 UTC 2010

Anggi Lesmana wrote:
> I would like to ask one thing. How to install/patch
> art_reply_and_forward-0.5.diff
> So far I couldn't patched the smart replay & forward feature. Could
> you explain to me? What is the tools which can be patch it to my
> PSI-plus? Actually, I'm using Ubuntu Desktop 10.04

First make sure you can compile your application without the patch, have 
a look at [1] to find out how to do it. The applications installed by 
your favourite package manager comes without source code and you would 
have to download the source separately with a command like

apt-get source name_of_package

in a terminal, where you replace the "name_of_package" appropriately. 
You will probably have to install several -dev packages until you can 
finally compile the original version of the software.

If that works, you can continue and apply the patch: Download the patch 
to the source directory and in the terminal cd to the directory. There 
you can use the command

patch < psi-machekku-smart_reply_and_forward-0.5.diff

to patch the source code. Then compile again and if everything worked, 
you can install the new version. However I didn't try this myself, so I 
don't know if the patch would work at all. The version of the original 
source code must be compatible with the patch, e.g. there could be a 
conflict with the patches already applied by the Ubuntu developers.


[1] <>

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