Maverick Alpha3 +nvidia-96 +updates

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Aug 16 01:26:18 UTC 2010

On 08/15/2010 08:47 AM, Goh Lip wrote:
> On 08/14/2010 12:36 AM, NoOp wrote:
>> On 08/13/2010 09:21 AM, NoOp wrote:
>>> On 08/11/2010 11:11 PM, Nils Kassube wrote:
>>>> You are going to have to use nouveau for now, the proprietary
>>>> nvidia-96 and nvidia-173 drivers do not work with xserver 1.9 and most
>>>> likely will not until right before release. 256.44 that is in
>>>> ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates does work for the GPU's it supports with
>>>> IgnoreABI added to the serverflags section in your xorg.conf but the
>>>> older releases don't. If you want accelerated 3D (for compiz) with
>>>> nouveau you can install the libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental package if
>>>> you are using the mesa 7.8 that is in maverick.
>>>> is the proper
>>>> place to report the problem, we can't do anything about it with the
>>>> binary drivers.
>>> So heads up.
>> Gets worse:
>>> From AaronP (the nVidia guy that helps/supports Ubuntu):
>> <quote>
>> Re: X server 1.9 crash with 173.14.27
>> Prerelease and release candidate X servers are not officially supported.
>> In addition, Keith just declared the ABI in the upcoming xserver 1.9
>> series as frozen, so support will be coming soon in a future version of
>> the current release series, but support in the legacy drivers is not
>> considered a particularly high priority so don't expect it any time soon.
>> </quote>
> NoOp, hope you got it sorted out. See comment #28
> Looks like many people got it cleared. You may have to go recovery mode 
> to get to gdm then redo xorg.conf and also configure nvidia again.
> Good luck - Goh Lip

Nope. No cigar w/nvidia-96. I'm afraid that Ubuntu & nVidia are about to
do to linux users what M$ did to WinXP users; upgrade your hardware or
contribute to the world landfills...

Now of course you can use your nvidia-96 w/2D only support via vesa or
nouveau (or pin the xserver-xorg-core: to 2: (good
luck with that); but who is really interested in a 2D Ubuntu system?

I sincerely hope that the two get this sorted out before the October
release of Maverick.

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