Include a Media Player in Installation CD / DVD

IdleOne oneidle at
Sun Aug 15 03:21:47 UTC 2010

Ubuntu comes with Totem as a default as for the codecs, there are legal
reasons why those codecs are not installed by default and they won't be
anytime soon


On Sun, 2010-08-15 at 07:02 +0530, Arpan Patel wrote:
> Hey, 
> I just want the Ubuntu Development Team to add a good media player
> with all plugins and codecs to play mp3, mp4, avi, mkv, etc. . .
> There are certain reasons like
> 1. The default media player is not able to play avi file. So everytime
> I install ubuntu, I need to install VLC or M player myself.
> 2. Media Player should also be able to play mp3, mp4 and 3gp files
> also coz this formats are now become obvious, you can not avoid them.
> 3. Incase if I use default player then I need to install the plugins
> or codecs everytime I encounter with a new format.
> So Please include it in the Installation CD / DVD.
> I suppose either Kmplayer, VLC player or Mplayer.
> Kindly Reply
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