Firefox version 3.6.8 on Ubuntu 10.04

James Hogarth james.hogarth at
Sat Aug 14 14:39:07 UTC 2010

>     That is not correct.

As much as I have grown to enjoy your inaccurate ramblings Karl there
are only 4 possible ways that could have got there:

1) Ubuntu added it for their own (possibly commercial?) reasons in an update.
2) You intentionally installed it.
3) You installed some random application or carried out some task that
put it there without you realising it.
4) You let someone else on your account who popped it on there.

Due to a lack of outrage (and it not being on my systems) we can rule
out 1. So we have it as you installed it - intentionally or not - or
someone else did. So I am going to rephrase the point previously made
in brief levity as:

You allowed it to be installed!

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