Is it just me, or is there a reason for it?

ms devicerandom at
Fri Aug 13 21:15:50 UTC 2010

On 12/08/10 21:06, R Kimber wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Aug 2010 14:20:03 -0500
> C de-Avillez wrote:
>> This one is quite interesting: it is telling you (or, at least, me)
>> that someone tried to open for read '/media/zip/rwanda.doc', but
>> apparmour blocked it. If this is a problem *now* or not depends if
>> apparmour was set to enforce (or just "complain") blocks. In Maverick
>> I know it is in enforce mode for evince.
> As I understand it, the message is logged when (probably) Firefox
> tried to open the document with evince, and evince failed to open it.  But
> as the user, I know that this has happened because I got an evince window
> with an error message in it, so I don't see the value of being informed
> about it via logcheck a day later.
> - Richard.

No such thing as too much logging. I don't understand what is the 
problem of the OP -if you are bothered with the logs, don't read them. 
All information can be useful in case of problems, the more the merrier. 
The fact that you didn't need it *now* doesn't need you won't need it 
for some other issue in the future.


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