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Hello all,



I am reading about rdiff-backup. I am using it in a simple way,
(rdiff-backup $source  $target)  but I would like to make sure all those
incremental backups are not eating up all my space. So I want to put
into place the --remove-older-than option. I read about that option, but
im not sure I understand it completely.



This section assumes that rdiff-backup has been used in the past to back
up tohost.net::/remote-dir, but all commands would work locally too, if
the hostname were ommitted.

*	This commands deletes all information concerning file versions
which have not been current for 2 weeks:

rdiff-backup --remove-older-than 2W host.net::/remote-dir

Note that an existing file which hasn't changed for a year will still be
preserved. But a file which was deleted 15 days ago cannot be restored
after this command is run.




As I understand  the example, rdiff-backup --remove-older-than 2W
host.net::/remote-dir means  I should run the normal backup command with
the option -remove-older-than 2W and  by  doing so, the 2 weeks+   files
in the  target repo will be deleted? Or I  have to run that command in
my  target dir only?





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