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Subject: How to follow mailing lists the easy way.

I find it easier to use a newsreader instead of certain e-mail clients for
managing mailing lists (I use Pan, as it has worked very well for me).


Here is a QUICK GUIDE:

1. Install Pan

2. Add a news server "news.gmane.org

3. Add your e-mail address

4. Subscribe to a news group e.g. "gmane.linux.ubuntu.user"

5. When you post/follow up first time you will receive an e-mail asking 
to reply to the mail (to verify that you are you), and when you have done 
you are ON.



Install Pan using synaptic (in ubuntu).

Add as news server:

Pan - Edit - Edit News Servers - Add - "news.gmane.org"

Add your e-mail address:

Pan - Edit - Edit Posting Profiles - "your e-mail address"

Then Search for e.g. "gmane.linux.ubuntu.user" as group name (use 
search box top left in Pan) and then right click on the found list and 
choose "subscribe".

Please note, that there is thousands of other mailing list groups out 
there, and also a lot of other news servers.

gmane.linux.ubuntu.user (is the group for ubuntu-users mailing list)

Practical setup items:

Pan - Edit - Preferences - Headers - Mark following from top downwards:
Action - Subject - Date - Author etc.

Pan - Edit - Edit Preferences - Behaviour - Groups - mark "Get new 
headers in subscribed groups on start up".

Pan - Groups - Get headers - select Get all headers - Execute.

This item makes it very IMPORTANT, that ALL SUBJECT DESCRIPTIONS in new 
to be very DESCRIPTIVE.
That means if you post a new article DO NOT write e.g. "Help me" or 
Instead write very short what you need help with e.g.
"How do I get an Epson xx printer to work" etc. etc.

Then it will be possible for other users to search very distinct for 
That is if you have all the headers of a newsgroup downloaded in Pan
you can more easily find your answers. 
Search in subject lines/authors is done in top right search box in Pan.

Pan - View - Header Pane - Choose "Thread Headers" (to sort articles by 
(toggle on/of)).

When you post/follow up first time you will receive an e-mail asking 
you to reply to the mail (to verify that you are you), and when you have
done that you are up to use the mailing list group using Pan.

This should be done for each new newsgroup you subscribe to.

Using Pan for your mailing lists also give you a much better overview of 
mailing lists I think.

Sorry that I repeat the usefullness of Pan, but it took me several years 
to find out how much more easy it is for me to use Pan for your mailing 
lists - 
a very important "weapon" for getting help in the linux world I find. 


If anybody has problems with a certain thread/author and use Pan 
they can do:

Select the article and then choose: 

Pan - Ignore - Thread
Pan - Ignore - Author

Then they get rid of the culprit/s *humor*

See also this link:      http://kb.iu.edu/data/afhc.html 


Here are a few mailing list groups:

gmane.linux.ubuntu.user (ubuntu-users)

gmane.linux.ubuntu.user.kubuntu  (kubuntu-users)




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