Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders Part 2 of 2

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This mailing is really not the right place for all this.
I suggest a psychologist.


On Wed, 2010-08-11 at 05:32 +0800, Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming) wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> RE: Open Letter (Plea for Medical Help/Assistance) to World Leaders
> I have uploaded photos, videos, and audios of myself, scanned images of 
> my ECG Graphs, laboratory blood test reports, X-Ray films and medical 
> documents to Facebook (Facebook account: Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)) and 
> other preferred multimedia sharing sites. Hopefully, my online accounts, 
> including Facebook, will not be compromised by my antagonists. I hope 
> that the content (text, video, and audio) in my data sharing sites will 
> remain fully intact without unauthorized alteration,  modification, and 
> deletion by my adversaries. And hopefully nobody will close my Facebook 
> account without my authorization and consent either.
> I am exceedingly concerned that I might have heart/coronary artery 
> disease and that it might be in the late stages.
> My physical symptoms are:
> 1) Aching in the upper left of my chest since beginning January 2009 90% 
> of the time, sometimes it may migrate to the right side
> 2) Shortness of breath from time to time
> 3) Palpitations in the last few days (I can feel my heart beat very hard 
> and irregularly)
> 4) Muscle aches in the hands and legs, sometimes my hands(palms) will cramp
> 5) Involuntary movement of fingers/thumbs occasionally
> 6) Facial spasms occasionally
> 7) Sometimes I will feel my body "vibrating" anywhere from head to toe
> 8) When I tried to feel the pulses on my wrists, the pulses will 
> "disappear" after a while. This is contrary to what doctors, nurses, and 
> others have been telling me. That my pulses are consistent.
> 9) Sometimes when I am just about to fall asleep, I will get a sudden 
> jerk or have a feeling that I am falling or my heart is going to pop out
> 10) giddiness/dizziness/light-headedness from time to time
> 11) Sometimes I will feel weak after just waking up, especially in the 
> hands
> 12) discomfort at the back of my head from time to time
> I have visited many doctors at Accidents and Emergency (A&E) departments 
> of many general hospitals here but they all try to brush me off and tell 
> me I am fine. My request for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for the 
> brain and (more specifically the) heart is usually declined. It seems 
> that the doctors are stalling for time, dragging and delaying until 
> maybe it is too late to do anything for me. I have been unemployed since 
> 1st October 2009 and have depleted all my personal savings.
> In May 2009, which is just last year only, I have done a MIBI heart 
> perfusion study (radioisotope IV + gamma camera) and the 
> cardiologist/heart specialist told me I have NO heart/coronary artery 
> disease (even though I have high cholesterol and it could be managed). 
> LVEF was 64% and MIBI was negative for ischemic at Stage 2 Bruce (as at 
> 21st May 2009). How could it then have progressed, from NO heart/artery 
> disease to the above-mentioned physical symptoms, in such a very short 
> period of time?! This is all very very very strange. Could it be some 
> other problem instead? Heart/coronary artery disease takes many many 
> years to develop.
> As you can observe, I am nowhere as obese as Moses Lim, a Singaporean 
> Mediacorp TV actor.
> References, photos, and videos of Moses Lim:
> (1)
> (2)
> (3)
> (4)
> Yet he is already 60 years old. I also had a grandmother who was very 
> very obese and she was able to live until 60+ years old. There are many 
> many people who are far fatter and have far greater builds than me. They 
> do not have any physical complaints like mine. Why do I have 
> weird/strange physical symptoms like giddiness/dizziness, chest aches, 
> muscle aches in the limbs, shortness of breath, hyperventilations, and 
> palpitations all of a sudden at 32 years old? Foul play?!?!?!
> Could it be that my neighbours have been 
> frightening/terrifying/threatening me everyday 24x7 non-stop for the 
> past 3-4 years with all sorts of terrible/horrible things that can 
> happen to me? Maybe my heart couldn't take the stress under such an 
> intensive, constant and prolonged psychological abuse? I have also heard 
> them talk about me to various people while I am at home. I think they do 
> that purposely. But I have had totally no say at all from start to 
> finish because I am not allowed any chance for direct involvement. I am 
> being excluded and not given any chance to know anything. They also seem 
> to have gathered/amassed a lot of private information about me. I 
> seriously wonder how they do that. They appear to be extremely 
> resourceful and motivated. There appears to be some intrigue and shroud 
> of secrecy around me. These people know all of my online monikers and 
> email addresses. They have been submitting online forms using my 
> identity and have even attempted to submit password reset instructions 
> for me without my knowledge and consent. I actually overheard my 
> neighbours claiming to have passwords/complete access to all my email 
> accounts and other online accounts. They may also create phony email 
> accounts and send messages impersonating as me without my knowledge.
> Thank you very much for your kind attention and concern.
> PS.
> (1) My neighbours have claimed that they will never stop or waver in 
> their psychological warfare on me unless I commit suicide. Or they will 
> wait patiently until I have a heart attack or stroke. How callous they 
> are! I want to live and live to a ripe old age. And I wish for a long 
> and healthy life too.
> (2) I have a severe panic attack on 27 May 2010 Thursday and several 
> panic attacks after that. Due to the panic attacks and the severe 
> anxiety caused by my neighbours, I have been warded in Changi General 
> Hospital (Ward 14) for 2 weeks (from 1st June 2010 to 15th June 2010) 
> (EDIT: It's actually four weeks (from 1st Jun 2010 to 2nd July 2010)). I 
> am actually on home leave today to write this letter (15 June 2010). I 
> will be going back to the ward at night, hopefully before 8 P.M.
> (3) Most of the nurses in Ward 14 CGH have been very nice and friendly 
> to me. Hopefully they are not putting on a false front. But the doctors 
> there are as obstinate as mules. They stubbornly and stoutly refuse to 
> give me any advanced heart imaging tests, e.g. MRI (preferred), CT-scan 
> (not preferred), echo cardiogram, and ankle brachial index (ABI) tests.
> (4) I have a medical appointment at the National Heart Center Singapore 
> on 17 June 2010, which is next Thursday. I hope that the heart 
> specialist there will allow me to do the advanced imaging tests 
> (brain/heart) that I want and tell me the absolute truth about my 
> medical condition.
> (5) My neighbours have strangely and repeatedly commanded me hundreds of 
> times to apply to work in a casino else I would not get medical 
> treatment. Strange? Baffling? A casino environment is not suitable for 
> me and I do not want to work in a casino. I want to work as an 
> Information Technology (IT) engineer. This is my preferred profession.
> (6) After discharging from CGH on 2nd July 2010, I still have not 
> managed to get any advanced medical imaging tests (MRI) for my 
> heart/brain. The doctors at CGH have consistently refused to do the 
> tests for me.
> (7) I went for an ABI test at National Heart Center Singapore on the day 
> of discharge from CGH (2nd July 2010). The results appear to be okay. 
> Please refer to my facebook account for the details of the test results. 
> (Rt: 1.05 Lt: 1.04)
> (8) I am given a full echo cardiogram appointment at the National Heart 
> Center Singapore on 2nd Sept 2010. But I am still not given any MRI 
> tests for my heart/brain. Strange. (EDIT: I have brought forward my 
> echocardiogram appointment to 11 August 2010 Wednesday 2:00 P.M. 
> Singapore Time)
> (9) I am writing point number 9 onwards until point 29 on 11 Aug 2010 
> Wednesday Singapore Time. Please take note.
> (10) During my one month hospital stay at Changi General Hospital (Ward 
> 14) from 1st June 2010 to 2nd July 2010, my neighbours did not come to 
> harass me. The physical symptoms which I have described above (except my 
> chronic chest pain) gradually subsided. Except for the very first day in 
> the hospital ward when I have a number of panic attacks while talking to 
> Dr. Sim Ching Ching in a consulting room and the following morning while 
> talking to Dr. Lui, I did not have any more panic attacks and my anxiety 
> levels decreased during the rest of my hospital stay.
> (11) After my discharge from CGH on 2nd July 2010, the disturbances from 
> my neighbours have substantially decreased in frequency. I do not know 
> why but all of a sudden, from 31st July 2010 Saturday Singapore Time 
> onwards, my neighbours have re-started or resumed their operations in 
> harassing, frightening, terrifying, threatening, and conducting 
> psychological warfare on me in much increased intensity. They keep 
> talking to me every few minutes every day 24x7 day and night. It's not a 
> face-to-face talk that you might imagine. I didn't converse with them 
> much. They just keep talking to me unilaterally. In Housing & 
> Development Board (HDB) apartment flats in Singapore, you could hear 
> your neighbours in the units to your immediate left, to your immediate 
> right, and also in the units immediately above and below you, if they 
> are to talk sufficiently loud. If you stay on the 2nd story, you could 
> even hear people talking in the void deck (ground floor) and as well as 
> from the carpark. It's a psychological warfare by my neighbours to 
> instill fear and increase my anxiety.
> (12) My neighbours have proudly claimed that they have strong and 
> powerful backing from their masters. They told me that they cannot stop 
> harassing me at all because they are under orders/instructions from 
> their masters.
> (13) I have thought of relocating my domicile but my neighbours claimed 
> that even if I moved to another location in Singapore far far away from 
> them, another set of people would be tasked to harass me and take over 
> from them.
> (14) Shortly after graduating from the National University of Singapore 
> (NUS) with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) degree in 
> December 2006, I joined the Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) 
> in the Infocomm Infrastructure Division in February 2007 as an 
> Information Technology (IT) engineer, administrating Linux, UNIX, and 
> Windows Servers in its data center. DSTA is an agency under the 
> Singapore Ministry of Defense.
> (15) Sometime before I left DSTA in August 2007, my neighbours and their 
> friends *first* started to harass, stalk, and conduct psychological 
> warfare on me by instilling fear and increasing my anxiety at home and 
> almost everywhere I go.
> (16) Within a short period of time, I managed to secure a job as an IT 
> engineer in National Computer Systems (NCS) Ltd, a subsidiary of 
> Singapore Telecommunications, in September 2007. The job, as far as I 
> could remember, was to maintain Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) servers, 
> Windows Servers, and also perform daily tape backup operations in the 
> data center. A strange phenomenon occurred during my stint in NCS Ltd. 
> Colleagues and staffs in other departments started to whisper and gossip 
> about me. When I approached them, none of them appeared to be willing to 
> tell me anything. I had conjectured that some chain emails could be 
> circulating about me in the organization. It seemed that some rumour 
> mongering activities were going on around me in the organization. 
> Without hesitation, my neighbours and their friends came into my mind. 
> They had probably approached some people in NCS Ltd, who were probably 
> very happy to entertain them and start the chain emailing around in the 
> organization. My neighbours and their friends were soon operating in the 
> surrounding area and began to harass me. I could not remember the exact 
> date I started to develop panic attacks. They were of a much milder 
> intensity than those which occurred between 27th May 2010 and 2nd June 
> 2010. I was warded in Singapore General Hospital from 31st Jan 2008 to 
> 5th March 2008. Just before the one-year contract expired, I left NCS Ltd.
> (17) Between leaving NCS Ltd and joining Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd, I was 
> warded in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) a number of times for panic 
> attacks.
> (18) After recovering from the panic attacks, I joined Asiasoft Online 
> Pte Ltd in February 2009 as an IT/IS engineer. Asiasoft Online is an 
> online game playing company in Singapore. The company offers online 
> games such as Maple Story, Audition, Cabal, GetAmped, Sudden Attack, 
> Yulgang, Monster Forest, Raycity, and Warriors of the 3 Kingdoms. I am 
> in charge of all the Linux game servers in the company. My biggest and 
> proudest achievement cum project was to setup and configure a fully 
> working IP Security (IPsec) Virtual Private Networking (VPN) tunnel for 
> the company. IPsec VPN is much harder and more complicated to setup than 
> OpenVPN (which is based on SSL or Secure Socket Layer). My next task was 
> to setup and configure a secondary/backup mail exchanger for the company 
> using qmail MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). qmail is much harder and more 
> tedious to configure than postfix MTA. (Yahoo! Singapore is using qmail 
> MTA.) By far, sendmail MTA is the hardest and the most complicated in 
> the Linux world to setup and configure. I was also in charge of the two 
> Domain Name Service (DNS) servers (primary and secondary) in the company 
> and maintaining and updating all the IPv4 forward and reverse zone 
> records. Being in charge of the DNS servers allowed me to learn a bit 
> about Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys and DKIM. If my memory 
> does not fail me, the DNS servers were installed by me using Fedora 
> Linux and BIND 9 daemon/service. It is quite simple actually. The final 
> assignment for me in the company was to install and configure all the 
> Yulgang game servers. Majority of the Yulgang game servers are using 
> openSUSE 10.2 32-bit Linux. Only a few Yulgang servers are using Windows 
> servers. (William Phoon Choon Keong, who was my former IT department 
> manager in Asiasoft Online before Melvin Lee came in to replace him 
> towards the end of July 2009, installed and managed the Yulgang Windows 
> game servers.) GetAmped is using Solaris UNIX. During the relocation of 
> the company office from Singapore Post @ Paya Lebar to Tampines Central, 
> I had a chance to play around with CISCO switches and routers and learn 
> some CISCO IOS commands (mostly forgotten by now). But networking is not 
> my forte. I am mostly an IT infrastructure engineer. I have yet to take 
> the CCNA. By the way, the same rumour mongering that happened in NCS Ltd 
> also surfaced in Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd.
> (19) My father suffered from a mild stroke on 13 September 2009 in which 
> his left side of the body was affected and he was warded for 19 days. He 
> was discharged from Changi General Hospital Singapore on 1st October 
> 2009. On the same day, I resigned from Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd.
> (20) After resigning from Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd on 1st October 2009, 
> my neighbours and their friends suddenly and unexpectedly increased 
> their force and intensity tremendously in harassing, frightening, 
> terrifying, threatening, and conducting psychological warfare/abuse on 
> me, culminating in a severe panic attack on 27 May 2010 Thursday and 
> several other panic attacks after that, leading to my hospitalization on 
> 1st June 2010 in Changi General Hospital for a period of 32 days, and 
> discharging on 2nd July 2010, which I have already described above. The 
> 27 May 2010 panic attack was an extremely terrible experience for me. I 
> thought I was having a heart attack and going to die. I was having a  
> hyperventilation and my heart rate goes up to almost 150 beats per 
> minute. Both my palms were totally cramped up. My heart was also aching. 
> It took about an hour before the panic attack subsides.
> (21) As at 11 August 2010 4:03 A.M. Singapore Time, I am still having 
> chest pain in the upper left side of my chest from time to time. 
> Although the doctors at CGH stubbornly pinned everything on panic 
> attacks and anxiety symptoms and ruled out the possibility of a 
> heart/coronary artery disease, I am taking no chances at all. It is 
> after all my life. I really suspect that I might have an underlying 
> heart/coronary artery disease condition which could have been masked by 
> my panic attacks and anxiety symptoms. I have a suspicion that my main 
> blood arteries or veins in the chest could have been narrowed. Otherwise 
> what could have given rise to a chronic chest pain since Jan 2009? I 
> want a MRI test for my chest and a functional MRI (fMRI) test for my 
> brain as well. I want to live and I want to live to a ripe old age. I 
> want to have a long and healthy life.
> (22) Sometime in October 2009, my neighbours were saying that I have 
> appeared on Singapore's national Mediacorp TV in the corridor of our 
> apartment block. I could not independently verify whether I have 
> appeared on the national TV during this period or some earlier period. 
> But the strangest thing was that people started to avoid me. My 
> relatives (maternal side) were initially reluctant to talk to me over 
> the phone. They did not even visit my house during Chinese New Year 
> 2010. My secondary school friends, polytechnic friends, army friends, 
> NUS friends, NCS friends, Asiasoft Online friends, and ClubSNAP 
> photography friends were suddenly refusing or were afraid to answer my 
> phone calls! I have about 300 people on my Windows Live MSN list and 
> more than 250 people have deleted me from their MSN list. Total 
> strangers in the streets and public places started giving me weird 
> looks, or whispering about me, or taking a few steps back away from me. 
> Even patients, nurses and other staffs in government general hospitals 
> were doing the same thing. What is actually going on? If I really did 
> appear on the national TV, what was actually being reported about me? I 
> want to know the answer. Maybe the Reporters without Borders could help.
> (23) One day in Shenton Way, I overheard a stranger in a food court 
> saying that my neighbours and their friends were discussing about me on 
> Singapore's Mediacorp radio stations. I could not independently verify 
> whether I have actually been brought up on radio stations in Singapore. 
> There are so many radio stations in Singapore! So which one should I 
> tune in to? And what are the timings?
> (24) My relatives (maternal and paternal sides) did eventually visit us 
> recently. My relatives (maternal side) visited my house 1-2 weeks ago 
> after receiving a phone call from my mother in hospital. She was 
> admitted on 9th July 2010 together with the assistance (or rather the 
> presence) of CGH Medical Social Worker Miss Cerene Wong. My relatives 
> (paternal side) visited our house a few days back though I don't even 
> recognize them. Please note that I am writing this on 11 August 2010 
> Wednesday Singapore Time.
> (25) I am extremely baffled by my neighbours' knowledge of my 
> conversations with doctors and nurses in Changi General Hospital 
> Singapore and Singapore General Hospital. I am also baffled by their 
> knowledge of my medical appointments and when I change my medical 
> appointments. Who gave them all these information?
> (26) My neighbours told me that their masters' intention and motivation 
> is to systematically destroy me.
> (27) Please don't fix me. Please. Please don't make my life miserable 
> for eternity. Please. Please Please Please. Please leave me alone in 
> peace. Please. Please don't make me keep on having panic attacks. I will 
> definitely suffer from heart attacks very early on in life due to the 
> protracted psychological abuse putting the extra strain on my heart. 
> Please. Please Please Please.
> (28) I am hoping to get a job in the IT sector within the next 1-2 or 3 
> months. I am currently waiting for my mother to be discharged from the 
> Institute of Mental Health (IMH) hospital. Dr. Malu (think I got the 
> name wrong) there has already told me she would be discharged within a 
> few days or a few weeks. Please don't do the same thing to me 
> (harassing, frightening, terrifying, threatening, and psychological 
> warfare/abuse) for my next job again. Please. I am anticipating that you 
> will do it with an extremely high probability.
> (29) Please don't persecute me. Please. Please. Please.
> Yours sincerely,
> Mr. Teo En Ming
> Chinese Hanyu Pinyin Name: Zhang Enming
> Citizenship: Singapore Citizen/Singaporean
> Facebook: Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming)
> Mobile Phone (Starhub Prepaid): +65-8369-2618
> MSN/Windows Live Messenger: teoenming at

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