Two Buggy Browsers

Angus MacGyver macgyver at
Tue Aug 10 21:42:22 UTC 2010

> The package that handles flash in Linux is "flashplugin-installer".
> Said package is a script that a) downloads the latest flash from
> Adobe's website, and puts it in a sensible place where most browsers
> can find it, and b) transparently handles installing the 32 bit
> version of flash in a 64 bit OS (64 bit flash for Linux is no longer
> supported by Adobe).  
> I wouldn't start troubleshooting with the package manager, however.
> Some things to do:
> 1)  Clear Flash's cache by visiting this page:
> (It would be really nice if Adobe would provide a way of getting to
> this via a menu; for now, the above link is the "official" way of
> emptying the data that Flash stores on your computer.)
> 2)  Try running Firefox from the command line by opening a terminal,
> typing "firefox", and hitting Enter.  Watch the terminal output, as it
> may give you hints as to why Firefox is crashing. 
> ~ PeteVG


And whilst you are at the command line..
do a 

"uname -a"

Linux executor 2.6.32-24-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jul 5 09:20:59 UTC
2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux

The x86_64 shows that, for mine, it's 64bit..
If it is i686, then it's 32bit..

I've had issues with 32bit flash running on a 64bit system with the
wrapper that is used ..nsplugin<something> - so I (potentially unwisely)
use the older 64bit version - at least it damn works :(


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