luks filesystem on USB device changes ownership between computers

Adam Funk a24061 at
Tue Aug 10 20:41:27 UTC 2010

On 2010-08-09, Martin Webster wrote:

> You can use LUKS with a fat32 formatted drive. Indeed, this has some
> advantages as you'll be able to mount the encrypted drive from Windows
> (should you wish to do so.) For example, do something along the
> following lines:
> sudo mkfs -t vfat /dev/sdb2
> sudo luksformat /dev/sdb2

OK, good point, but I was hoping to be able to maintain file
permissions and ownership (which you lose on FAT).

>> > Alternatively, change the UID on one machine using
>> > usermod:
>> >
>> > usermod -u <new UID> <user name>
>> Won't that screw up the file ownership of all sorts of things on the
>> computer on which I run it? 
> This automatically deals with all files in your home folder. If you have
> files at other locations you'll need to change them manually.

Useful to know; thanks.

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