10.4 sound

Ronald B Cadby RCadby at RonCadby.org
Tue Aug 10 17:29:34 UTC 2010

Any *good* links to getting 10.4 setup for speaker and headset sound 
(I've stumbled around with bad results)?

I had speaker sound until I tried to make the headset work then all 
sound quit working. Tried to 'undo' whatever I did and failed.

I think I found the right codec name for my ASUS U52F sound card, 
Realtek ALC269,  but can't find it on the web or know how to install it 
if I did.

I tried various combinations for the modprobe.d/alsa-base file, but 
again, simply don't know what I'm doing.

Can I get help here?

You can lead a horse to water.....(The Hoarse Whisperer)

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