Converting ext3 to ext4 resulting in loss of data?

Goh Lip g.lip at
Tue Aug 10 13:45:43 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 10,August,2010 09:01 PM, Fajar Priyanto wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 8:52 PM, James Hogarth<james.hogarth at>  wrote:
>> Choosing in the installer to format a partition as any format will indeed
>> format said partition.
>> It is possible to relable an ext3 filesystem as ext4 but conversion is not
>> part of the installer... it is something you would have to do manually
>> yourself.
> Oh boy.
> Is there anyway I can recover the data?
Did you convert using these methods?

or, most probably, when installing Lucid?

Anyway, to try to recover, use testdisk. Install testdist and run it at 

*warning* I did not test this out and it may "undo" your installation of 
Lucid. Would others here suggest this or advise against it?

Good luck - Goh Lip


tunggu sebentar, mungkin ada orang lain jawab; kalau tak, cuba saja, 
mungkin bisa; install boleh dibikin semula.

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