is it ok to disable the complete fsck for every startup?

Robert Swanson mapa-kettle at
Tue Aug 10 05:24:41 UTC 2010

> every system startup?
> How often do you restart?
once per day
> I've never seen a system that fsck's every restart, the bigger question is
> why is it doing it.
I don't have the answer to that, and this is the only version of Linux I have 
run where this has happened.
> --
> Res
> "What does Windows have that Linux doesn't?" - One hell of a lot of bugs!
	When I did the original install, when Hardy first came out, it would only 
check /root on every startup, and do a complete scan at some set interval..  
After one of the updates, it started checking all the directories and slowed 
the boot up down considerably.
	The machine is started once a day, every day, and is on for 16 hours.  I have 
orders from she who must be obeyed, that I am not to change, update, or in 
any way modify this machine. 

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