Anyone rolling a kernel nowadays?

James Hogarth james.hogarth at
Mon Aug 9 11:58:51 UTC 2010

> Heh, I just did the monkey thing and pushed the Red Button. I'm amazed
> by all the stuff turned on in the kernel, not compiled as modules. So, I
> turned a bunch of stuff off and it's rolling on it's own now. Think I'll
> get some sleep. 5Am round here. It'll go or blow! Ric
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Been there done that with a fully compiled Gentoo Stage 1 system....
was great for learning how everything goes together back then...

These days I prefer to use the same kernel as others to ease
support/maintenance headaches and save time overall... The potential
performance gain is not worth the trade off (for me) in the time
invested when for my systems I prefer things to just work(TM) so I can
get on with more interesting stuff....


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