Deleted all the files from /usr/lib/apache2/modules directory!

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Sun Aug 8 23:38:26 UTC 2010

On Sun, 8 Aug 2010, Cameron Hutchison wrote:

> "Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday at> writes:
> >  on my current 10.04 system, i checked:
> >$ dpkg -S /usr/lib/apache2/modules/*
> >[...]
> This wont work if there are no files in /usr/lib/apache2/modules.

  i know -- i wasn't suggesting it as a solution, only as an
indication of what packages those missing files belonged to.
> What you can do is:
> $ dpkg -S /usr/lib/apache2/modules
> This will list all the packages on your system that include the
> directory /usr/lib/apache2/modules.
> For instance, on my system:
> $ dpkg -S /usr/lib/apache2/modules apache2.2-bin,
> libapache2-mod-dnssd: /usr/lib/apache2/modules
> The output is a little shorter :-) and simpler to read.
> Re-installing those two packages on my system would restore the
> contents of /usr/lib/apache2/modules

  i actually did that as well, i just decided to post only one command
and its output.



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