Help understnading dmesg error, please

stan stanb at
Wed Aug 4 15:00:34 UTC 2010

I have a Sun U40 that I use for my workstation. It's running the latest
verion of Ubuntu, including the latest kernel released a few days agao. I
am getting a continuing stream of the follwing erros in dmesg:

[ 2195.640074] EDAC MC1: CE - no information available: amd64_edacError
[ 2196.650041]  Northbridge Error, node 1
[ 2196.650049] K8 ECC error.
[ 2196.650054] EDAC amd64 MC1: CE ERROR_ADDRESS= 0x17a4fa240
[ 2196.650064] EDAC MC1: CE page 0x17a4fa, offset 0x240, grain 0, syndrome
0xa8, row 0, channel 0, label "": amd64_edac

I have several more of these machines, and they do not seem to be getting
these errors. Can any help me interpet what the kernel is trying to tell


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