Dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 4 01:55:47 UTC 2010

On 08/02/2010 12:54 PM, Terry Talim wrote:
> Hi, I tried dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu about 6 months ago and I could
> not get it to work. GRUB kept failing and I couldn't figure out why. Many
> people helped me along my quest (thanks to all of them) and I have come to a
> conclusion but I would like some last advice.
> I have a Sony VAIO with two hard drives that were automatically configured
> in RAID by the manufacturer. I used the ubuntu live cd to try and install my
> dual boot, and this is why it failed.
> I've been told I need to use the alt installation, which will be compatible
> with RAID.
> The advice I was given leaves me with two choices, and I'd like your opinion
> on what you think is best for a beginner.
> Option 1: Dual boot over the RAID using the "alt install" for ubuntu.
> Option 2: Disable the RAID, install W7 and Ubuntu on one drive, and use the
> second drive as a data disk.

Option 2, or better, Option 3 as Peter pointed out:

Option 3: Install W7 on the first drive and Ubuntu on the second drive.
Partition  both so that you have a data partion on both drives. That way
if need be you can use one for backups. Note: just use NTFS for the data
partitions so that you can easily access either from W7. I see no
advantage for using RAID on a 2 drive home workstation/desktop. (I
assume that you are talking about a desktop... otherwise you'd have a
pretty unusual notebook :-)

If you can provide some information regarding the disk sizes etc., then
perhaps folks can help you work out a reasonable partition configuration
for each.

Of course the usual advise applies: backup any critical data before you
do any of the above.

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