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> > ubuntu at :
> >In any case, unless you've a good reason to 'be' root, I'd stick with
> >sudo <command> as others have suggested.
> I work as sysadmin in an ISP and we are a dozen to have administrator
> privilege on servers: "sudo" a a great tool for avoiding spreading root
> pass everywhere.

On the other hand, one of the very first things I do on each Ubuntu upgrade
is to put a password
on root.  I understand what Ubuntu is trying to do by omitting this, but
I've been trapped too many
times with problems in the bootup process where the only way to get
*anything* to run is to know
the root password.  If there isn't one, only a rescue disk will work and
that's not always convenient.

Of course, all the systems where I have root privilege at all are my own,
essentially single-user
systems, and I regard them as sufficiently physically secure for me to
consider this acceptable.

I still spend as little time as root as possible, for all of the usual

Kevin O'Gorman, PhD
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