Time for Alan to step in? [Was - list rules [was: Reconfigure after changing Video Card]]

Res res at ausics.net
Sun Aug 1 22:46:31 UTC 2010

On Sun, 1 Aug 2010, Basil Chupin wrote:

> Is it time for Alan Pope to step in and get this mail list back on track
> for the purpose it was created?

why would he do that when he cant even get the list server unblocked on 
SORBS, I spose I could use my login on SORBS to request it, but stuff it., 
not after the hitler like attitude the likes of vendictive pope and co are 
towards me :)

  > I have never minded a bit of good humour and some 
and > irreverent banter, but enough is enough I would have thought.....

ignore the thread? its not a complex operation to do so


"What does Windows have that Linux doesn't?" - One hell of a lot of bugs!

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