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Stephen Michael Kuhn yank.down.under at
Sun Aug 1 08:29:57 UTC 2010

On Sun, 1 Aug 2010 03:44:48 pm Michael Haney wrote:

> The Linux Community already has a tarnished image in the minds of most
> non-Linux users.  They see us as stuck up and bitter jerks at most,
> and a bunch of criminal hackers at worst.  Canonical and Mark
> Shuttleworth founded Ubuntu on the principle of cooperation and
> kindness towards others.

Gosh you're spot on, mate. I've been saying for YEARS in IRC to loosen up, 
smile a bit, make a friend instead of an enemy - and don't patronise those 
that just don't know.

If you were here, I'd buy you a beer, mate.

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