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Stephen Michael Kuhn yank.down.under at
Sun Aug 1 08:17:02 UTC 2010

On Sun, 1 Aug 2010 01:32:42 pm Billie Walsh wrote:

> Well, if opinions are allowed I'll voice mine.

Here here!

> Bottom posting is the one of the two stupidist things in e-mail. If I'm
> following a thread having to scroll down through all the previous posts
> is a royal pain in the posterior. Top posting make immensely more sense.
> If I lose my place in a top post I can always scroll down to refresh my
> memory. Otherwise, what I need to read is right there when I open the
> e-mail.

Um, smart folks snip what's unnecessary. (This is an age-old argument 
predating the "known" internet by a fair hunka years.)

> The other stupid thing I see all the time is setting a lists defaults to
> reply to sender and then requiring replies be sent to the list. If you
> want the replies to go to the list, set that as the default.

Part of that is the fault of the email client. Some email applications (like 
Evolution and Kmail and Claws and T-Bird and Sylpheed and Elm and Pine) are 
built specifically for it. Best to blame the developers. Besides, they never 
wear fashionable clothing and never have cool haircuts.

> Having said all that, I try to follow the list conventions for each
> individual list. Sometimes I may do it wrong by mistake because list
> conventions vary so much from list to list.

No one's perfect, and that is exactly what makes it all the more entertaining 
and "human". Some folks aspire to be "in-human" or just "non-human" - which is 
fine and dandy and definitely won't get them laid. S'all good!

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