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Sun Aug 1 07:53:47 UTC 2010

On Sun, 1 Aug 2010, p.echols at wrote:

> This is the, "I didn't agree to it, so it doesn't apply to me" argument.  Completely ignores that there are reasons for going along that have nothing to do with whether you can be compelled.  Example:  IMHO, top posting is a symptom of cluelessness.  Since I want my cluelessness to be judged by what I say, I don't top post.  AND, if I see someone who I think might benefit from the tip, I will suggest the same to them.  That most assuredly does NOT make me a "net cop."

Please be a good netizen and format your email correctly to wrap at 70/75 
C.P.L or ill curse you, attack you, despise you, and, oh never mind coz 
you get the picture :)

No, its about the fact that people here forget mailing lists have always 
been, and originated as, an email subscription service, web interfaces 
came a  long long long time later, and only to some ML software, so doing 
a song and dance about web pages forcing people to read/sign/whatever, is 
totally pointless.

> Oh, and responding to the above with "no one can make me but the admins"

No, not even they can "make you".

It is much simpler, that if someone is so moronic and pendantic, to be so 
offended by a top poster, or those who never trim their replies (and thats 
far far far far far more relevant to people here, than top posters), then 
I would rather not have anything to do with them in the first place, those 
who post 15 pages of shit that everyone has already read, and reply with 
3 words bottom posted, annoy me far more than top posters or those who 
never trim, but I dont bully them into formating replies the way I want, 
because each to our own.

In other words, those who dont like it, should just act like the immature 
little tosser child they are, but ignore the poster, rather than generate 
high SNR (like we seem to be dpoing now LOL)

> Have a groovy day!

I always do :) , and you too


"What does Windows have that Linux doesn't?" - One hell of a lot of bugs!

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