ubuntu 10.04 grub2 did not recognize my other ubuntus

user1 bqz69 at telia.com
Fri Apr 30 16:34:27 UTC 2010

I have ubuntu 9.10 karmic sitting on sda1/2

When I installed it, I had to manual edit 40_custom and then grub2 
recognized 8.04 and 9.04 as well.

To day I installed 10.04 lucid using the alternate cd, but during the 
installation grub2 did not recognize any other operating systems on my 

I then edited 40_custom and it still does not work, but now it at least 
can boot my 9.04 which I have been using for the last half year, I am not 
really knowing what is happening.

I did make a copy of my mbr using dd command, before I started the 
installation, but I have not yet restored it.

I did remember to run: sudo update-grub

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